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A guide to Fortrea clinical trials

What To Expect: Participating in Clinical Trials

Reassurance at every step

Taking part in a clinical study is a big decision. The following information will help answer your questions.

Why should I participate in a clinical trial?

When you participate in a clinical trial, you get to be part of new research that has the potential to bring scientific breakthrough or life-saving treatments to patients in need. If selected for a study, you will also be paid for your time and effort. Compensation is based on the length of the study plus the number of overnight stays in our facility and number of outpatient visits attended.

What to know before participating in a clinical trial

Before entering a trial, you must complete a couple of preliminary screenings with our team. This gives us the opportunity to talk to you and gather basic information that helps ensure your qualification for the study. The first screening happens over the phone. This will be followed by an in-person screening at one of our clinics.

Phone screening

The first step to participating in a clinical research study is to contact our call center at 1-866-429-3700. Our call center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST (7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. CST). The phone screen agents need to make sure you will prequalify for a study and will ask you many questions about your medical history, including any medicines you take. Please be honest and thorough in your answers. This is for your own safety.

In-person screening

Once you pass the phone screen, you will be scheduled for a screening appointment at the clinic. It is important to follow any fasting requirements before this appointment. Get general tips on what to avoid eating and drinking before your physical screening.

Bring a current, valid government ID with you and be on time. Not showing up for an appointment could hurt your chances of getting in a study later on. Please allow 2-4 hours for this appointment.

Have questions about the clinical trial process?

We’re here to help. Watch our clinic video tours to preview our facilities and the amenities we offer to trial participants. You can also read our full clinical trials FAQ or contact our team directly. 

  • What happens at check-in?

    When you check in to our clinic, a staff member will review all the criteria for the study with you. They will also go over all procedures and dosing times so you will know what to expect.

  • What should I expect a typical day in a clinical trial to look like?

    Each study is different, but you should expect multiple and daily blood draws, urine collections, blood pressure checks and electrocardiograms (ECGs). Additional procedures like continuous heart monitoring might be required for different studies.

    It is very important that you are ready and on time for all procedures. All procedures, even meals, are timed to the exact minute. If you are scheduled for a blood draw at 8:04, then that is exactly when it needs to happen…not a minute earlier or later. Fortrea is hired by pharmaceutical and biotech companies to collect data. It is essential that this data is accurate. These companies analyze this data to determine if the study drug justifies further testing.

  • What happens on dosing day?

    There might be a lot of people around on dosing day, including the study sponsor. Again, everyone wants to make sure you are safe. The clinic staff will ask you often how you are feeling. Your answers are very important to our doctors, as well as to the study sponsor. After dosing, you may feel perfectly fine or you may have a few symptoms such as a headache or an upset stomach. You could develop diarrhea or a rash. Our staff will be on hand to make you as comfortable as possible and to monitor and help manage your symptoms.

  • How long will I stay at the clinic?

    Some of our studies are short with only one or two overnight stays. Some are longer. For the safety of all participants and to control the study data, you will not be allowed to leave or receive visitors for the duration of the study.

  • Is food provided at the clinic?

    Three meals a day plus snack(s) will be provided, unless you are required to fast for a certain length of time. Some of the studies require that you eat a certain amount of your meals; some studies require a high fat diet while other studies are not as restrictive. The clinic staff will need to record what time you eat and how much. You will be in the clinic with other people doing different studies so you may see some people eating a different meal from you. Remember, each study has different requirements and procedures.

  • What activities and amenities are available at the clinic?

    We want your stay with us to be as positive and comfortable as possible. When you are not having procedures done, you are free to relax and enjoy having nothing to do! You can participate in group activities, read, catch up on sleep, study (each clinic has free Wi-Fi), watch movies or play video games (you may bring your own gaming system). However, it’s lights out as at 11 p.m. We want you to be well rested. Sometimes procedures start very early in the morning.

  • What if I no longer want to participate?

    You can withdraw consent from the study at any time. However, you will only receive compensation for the time completed and may not be eligible to receive the full amount of awarded study money.

  • How and when will I receive payment for my clinical trial participation?

    Your clinical study team will discuss payment terms and details for your clinical trial at your first visit.

  • What happens at the end of my stay?

    At the end of your study, you will receive a voluntary survey to complete. It is a quick form to gather your feedback on what we did well, where we need to improve and if the study met your expectations. We value your comments and are committed to continually improving what we can. More than 60% of our participants have done more than one study. We hope to welcome you back for your next study as soon as possible. 

    At checkout time, a staff member will go over any requirements or restrictions and return any items that were removed from your luggage at check-in.

  • What else do I need to know?

    Some studies require follow-up visits or phone calls. It is important that you keep all these appointments. We will also want to know how you are doing after the study.

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