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How to prepare for your visit

Your First Clinical Trial Screening: What To Know

Now that you’ve found a specific study you’d like to participate in, you may be wondering “What happens now?” Here’s what to know about screening visits in clinical trials.

What is a clinical trial screening?

A clinical trial screening happens before enrollment of any subject in a paid research study. During this visit, some basic tests will be performed to make sure you are a good fit for a specific study’s requirements.

On average, a screening appointment lasts 2-4 hours. Screening requirements vary with each study. You will be advised about the requirements for a particular study when you call our recruitment center at 1-866-429-3700.

What happens at a clinical trial screening?

This is our opportunity to meet you, gather necessary information from you and perform basic screening tests. You will be screened for each study you wish to take part in as we need to make sure you are eligible on a study-by-study basis.

Here’s what to expect during a clinical trial screening:

  • We’ll take a copy of your photo ID as soon as you arrive
  • Our medical team will explain the purpose of the study and answer any questions you may have
  • If you agree to take part, you’ll be asked to read and sign an informed consent form that details the study schedule, procedures, dosing and more
  • We’ll take a detailed medical and social history
  • We’ll take blood and urine samples
  • We’ll perform a drug test
  • We may measure your blood pressure and pulse as well as record a heart trace
  • Once we have your results, we’ll be in touch and inform you of the next steps

How can I prepare for my first clinical trial screening?

Each study has its own requirements. However, to optimize your screening test results, we recommend following these general tips:


Fast for approximately 8-12 hours before your appointment (exact time varies for each study)

Avoid strenuous exercise such as weight lifting or running for 2-3 days before your appointment as this can also affect test results


Don't drink alcohol approximately 48 hours before your appointment as it can affect test result

Don't eat poppy seeds approximately 7 days before your appointment as these can affect test results

Don't stop taking any prescribed treatments without your doctor’s approval

What should I bring to my screening visit?

Please bring a valid form of photo ID, for example, a driver’s license, passport or military ID.

Who can come to my first clinical trial screening?

For the safety of all study participants, we request that you please come to your screening appointment alone. No family or friends will be allowed to enter the facility.

What happens if I don’t pass my screening?

There are many factors that can lead to an applicant no longer qualifying for a specific study at the screening stage. However, you may be able to reapply in the future or screen for a different study.

I still have questions

See our full FAQ on clinical trials to learn more about the clinical trial process and what you can expect if selected for participation in a study. You can also call our team directly at 1-866-429-3700.

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