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Becoming a paid medical research volunteer can be an exciting and rewarding experience. That’s why thousands of people have taken part in clinical research studies at Fortrea clinical trials. Begin the search for clinical research opportunities near you.

Volunteering in a clinical research study is a big decision.

Your comfort and safety are our number one priorities. Knowing what to expect can help you make a better decision and may ease some of your concerns. We're here to answer your questions. Take a virtual tour of our clinical research facilities or explore our frequently asked questions.

Did you know?

You may be compensated for your time and participation

Fortrea has been conducting clinical research studies for more than 40 years

We’ve helped develop the top 50 drugs on the market today

All clinical trials conducted by Fortrea are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and comply with Good Clinical Practice regulations

Top clinical trials questions:

  • Where can I find out about upcoming clinical studies?

    You’ll find more information when you browse our current studies. There are details about what the study involves and what type of participants we’re looking for. Or if you prefer, call us.

  • What is a clinical study?

    Before a medication can be prescribed, it must go through a long testing and approval process, including clinical studies.  A clinical study is used to test new drugs (medications) and develop new uses for existing drugs. At our research clinics, we work with some of the world’s leading companies on studies to answer questions like:

    • How is a medication absorbed into the body?
    • How does one drug react to another drug?
    • How is a medication affected by food?
  • Who can participate in a clinical study and how often?

    The studies conducted at our clinics require that you are at least 18 years old. Medical eligibility requirements vary with each clinical study.

    For each clinical trial to provide the level of information needed to understand how a new medicine works, volunteers can only take part in one study at a time, usually with one month in between the end of one trial and the start of another. After that, you’re free to apply for another study.

    If you are on medication, your eligibility will depend on what medication you are taking and the clinical study design, which varies from study to study.

    If you have questions about your eligibility for a trial, please call us at 866-429-3700.

  • What are the risks and benefits of taking part in a clinical study?

    If you are interested in participating in a specific study any potential risks will be explained to you before you give your consent to participate. You will also be able to discuss any concerns you may have with a member of our medical team.

  • Are some rumors about clinical trials true?

    There are plenty of urban myths about what happens on a clinical research study. These are just that: myths. Your safety is our number one priority. Drug development is highly regulated with strict safety and ethical guidelines and we take those regulations very seriously.

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