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A guide to Fortrea clinical trials

Clinical Trials Participant's Guide

Reassurance at Every Step

Taking part in a clinical study is a big decision. The following information will help answer your questions.

Getting Started

The first thing we do is a thorough health check called a screening visit. This is routine and only takes a couple of hours at our Leeds clinic. Simply book an appointment that suits you and we’ll even compensate you for travel costs. You’ll need to bring some photo ID like your driving license or passport and you may have to prepare by cutting out alcohol and exercise. But don’t worry, we’ll let you know the details beforehand. We will even send you reminder texts so you don’t forget.

Your Permission

Before you go any further we need your consent. That’s why one of our highly skilled Technicians will talk you through everything. We’ll also give you lots of information to read through and discuss with your family before your screening visit. This is to make sure you’re happy with the trial you’ve chosen and the screening process. If you’re satisfied, you can then sign an ‘informed consent’ form. This is your written permission for us to carry out the screening tests and later, the trial. Don’t worry. You can change your mind and stop the trial at any point.

Your Free Health Check

Your free health check or screening is very thorough. First we chat through your medical history, then give you a physical examination. Here we’ll record your height, weight, blood pressure and heart rate. One of our nurses will test your heart function using an ECG machine, as well as taking blood and urine samples. And yes, there will be needles. Our team will do all they can to put you at ease but if you’re not keen, maybe this isn’t for you.

The Green Light

We will contact you after your screening visit and let you know whether you’re suitable. If not, don’t worry. Each study has specific criteria and even if you’re in tip top condition something as simple as a recent holiday jab can affect a clinical trial. Please try again, because in a couple of months you could qualify.

The Big Day

Each trial needs a little bit of preparation. Don’t worry, we’ll send you all the details well in advance. Our friendly team will also call you to remind you of all the things you need to do or bring with you. It’s usually things like no alcohol and no breakfast or lunch beforehand. Strenuous exercise like zumba or playing football can also be off limits.


When you arrive it’s a bit like checking into a hotel for a mini break. Just to make sure you aren’t bringing alcohol or snacks with you we’ll have a quick look in your bags. It’s very important that you stick to study guidelines, if you don’t, it unfortunately means we can’t use your results.

Getting Settled

Once you’ve checked in we’ll introduce you to the team who’ll be looking after you and then we’ll show you to your bedroom. You’ll share this room with at least six other volunteers, so there’ll be plenty going on and if you don’t want to join in you can pull the curtains round, dip into Heat magazine or cram in some extra studying.

Up and Running

We’ll wake you bright and early on the morning of your trial and after a few more medical checks you’re ready to start. It’s so easy you don’t even have to get out of bed for these, just sit back and relax.

Taking the Study Drug

The nurse will give you the medicine being tested. They’ll explain when to take it and they’ll also have to check in your mouth to confirm you’ve swallowed it. So no cheating! It’s all standard procedures which allow us to tick the boxes and put the drug through its paces.

Regular Samples

Testing day is pretty busy. We’ll often take samples of blood and urine usually to a set time frame, also, many doctors and nurses will visit you throughout the day to note down how you’re feeling. Some days we’ll visit you more often than others, it depends on your trial and how long you’re staying.

Waited On Hand and Foot

While you’re here you can look forward to a great range of tasty meals freshly prepared in our kitchens by the Fortrea chefs. These tempting dishes and desserts are brought to your table in our dining room by friendly waiting staff. What more could you ask for?

Your Free Time

There’s plenty to do when you aren’t being monitored. Our Leisure Coordinator always has something planned like pool tournaments and quizzes to get your brain going. You can also settle down to Sky Movies and Sky Sports which means footie fans don’t miss a match. Those who love gaming will enjoy our classic Pac-Man, our PS5 and the Xbox X. We’re also kitted out with PCs and Wi-Fi so you can browse on Social Media, finish that work or uni assignment or simply escape with a good book. And for something altogether different, there are language courses too.

All Done

Here comes the easy part. Because every trial is different you could spend just a couple of days in the clinic, a week or even longer. We’ll check you over before you leave and after any return visits are finished you’ll have a final check-up which marks the end of your trial. And then there’s the best bit, yes, you’ll receive your study payment. Fantastic.

Recommend a Friend

If you enjoyed your stay with Fortrea and liked its earning potential even more, why not boost your income yet again by recommending us to a friend. It’s easy, for every person you recommend who goes on to attend a screening visit you’ll be financially rewarded again. Lovely.

Interested in becoming a clinical trial participant?