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Study number 8499614

Men and Surgically Sterile or Postmenopausal Women aged 18 to 55


Oct 10 2023-Oct 18 2023


Leeds, UK


18 - 55


Male and Female


£1950 plus 2 travel payments



Study Details

This study involves a 4 night stay, and 1 outpatient visit.

Additional Details

This study is available to men and surgically sterilised/postmenopausal women aged 18-55 with a BMI between 18.5 and 32, with a minimum body weight of 50kg. Volunteers must have been non smokers for at least 3 months prior to check in. Gilberts syndrome is not acceptable. HRT is acceptable.  There is a vegetarian menu available on this study.

Detailed Study Dates

Group A6a
Check in: 10 Oct 2023 Check out: 14 Oct 2023
Outpatient visit: 18 Oct 2023

Alternate group available:

Group A6b
Check in: 11 Oct 2023 Check out: 15 Oct 2023
Outpatient visit: 18 Oct 2023

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